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Consistent Quality Process

Reliability and performance is most important elements of quality in solar panel, since solar power plant life is more than 20 years.
Hansol Technics has manufactured variety of the items and keep providing quality products to customers.
Hansol Technics has maintained a high level of product quality through optimized management, rigorous procurement, and quality management policy. Especially, 37 quality management steps ensure satisfaction experience for customer.


Advantages from Hansol Technics

Positive tolerance of +5Wp
Designed for UL and IEC 1,500V
12 years product warranty
25 years linear power warranty
PID free.png
Anti-PID cellsAnti-PID encapsulation technology
High efficiency solar cell and materials
5,400Pa snow load
2,400Pa wind load

Linear Performance Guarantee

Hansol Technics is global top tier Photovoltaic solar panel manufacturer in South Korea. 

Since our establishment, quality is our priority all the time. To achieve high level quality, we have developed internal quality process exceeding global quality standard from A to Z. Solar panels are extensively tested and strictly regulated for customer. Also, our solar module has proved its quality and reliability through global standard test. 

We are proud to provide our customer global top standard warranty. 25 years linear performance guarantee will maximize your benefit from the Sun. 

linear performance guarantee.png
blue line.png

Linear performance guarantee

gray line.png

Standard tiered guarantee

Above Global Standard

Hansol Technics Internal quality test standard is exceeding global certification test. Hansol Technics Solar modules designed for durability under extreme environmental conditions : wind, snow, salt, temperature or humidity according to global standard and more.

Global Certificate


Hansol Technics complies with global standards.

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