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Hansol is separated from Samsung in 1991, then Hansol has its own 12 affiliates and ranked Top 50 company in Korea. Now Hansol is leading the industry in a variety of fields with its materials and solutions business

Hansol Holdings

Materials Business

Hansol Paper

Hansol Paper.jpg

Hansol Paper specializes in high-quality paper production and takes pride in its role of connecting nature, culture and people.

Hansol Home Deco

hansol home deco.png

Hansol Home Deco specializes in eco-friendly construction materials that create a living space filled with happiness.

Hansol Chemicals

Hansol Papertech

hansol paper tech.jpg

Hansol Papertech is committed to making the best packaging papers.

Hansol Technics

hansol technics.png

Through Differentiated technology and never stopped innovation, aims to be a true partner with customers as a Global Top-tier electron and electricity Solution Provider.

hansol chemical.png

Hansol Chemicals produces chemical materials with the latest technology in the field of fine chemicals in order to contribute to customer satisfaction and industry development.

Solutions Business

Hansol EME

hansol EME.png

We are a leader in the paper, incineration, power and waterworks plants sectors that form the foundations of any industry.

Hansol Inticube

hansol inticube.png

A new and more enjoyable digital world is coming with the help of high-quality and high-efficiency IT technology and solutions.

Hansol Logistic

Hansol logistics.png

As the managing partner responsible for the A to Z of a client’s logistics, we provide more than simple logistics.

Hansol PNS

hansol PNS.png

We bring new values to customers with our superior capacity in the IT service and paper distribution sectors.

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